Casa View Haven Neighborhood Association (CVHNA) exists to improve the quality of life, sense of community and pride in our neighborhood. This part of Dallas is a unique enclave of mid-century homes  This area boasts a harmonious blending of  original homeowners and first time buyers composed of young professionals and starting families.  Those combined energies embrace and endorse the magnificent qualities of this neighborhood, making it one of Dallas’ newest most desired residential areas. Through the established committees, CVHNA is striving to attract neighborhood participation and pride.  Detailed inside, opportunities abound for you to meet your neighbors and invest in Casa View Haven. We hope to see you at our future meetings and events!  



Vice President


Tami her husband Jaime and their son Brendan have lived in Casa View Haven since 2003. She is a founding board member of Casa View Haven as well as The Greater Casa View Alliance. Tami has worked countless hours to improve not only ours but surrounding neighborhoods. Her goal is to have everyone feel welcomed and a part of the Casa View Haven family.

Tami Fowler
Cass Lucas

Board of Directors


Cass and her husband Charlie bought their first home in Casa View Haven in 2015.  A social worker by profession, Cass is passionate about developing social service opportunities that work to create positive change in the neighborhood.

Ken Montgomery



Ken and Shannon and their two daughters purchased their home in 2016.  He's passionate about the neighborhood and improving our day to day living.  He also serves on the Board of the Greater Casa View Alliance.

Tara Fredericks

Board of Directors


When Tara, her husband Ross and their two boys Jackson and August moved back to Texas from Colorado she knew the only place to live was East Dallas.  They originally rented a home in Casa View Haven and decided that they loved the neighborhood so much they decided to purchase a home in 2016.  Tara is passionate about establishing an Early PTA  at Reinhardt Elementary School.  She's championing parents in the neighborhood to join her.